With the first long weekend of the summer officially behind us, it’s time to gear up for a full season’s worth of cottage trips. Planning for a jam-packed weekend can sometimes be stressful but we’re here to help you out with that. In addition to your t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops, we’ve put together the ultimate essentials list to make your life easier (and also to make the packing process quicker). The faster you pack, the faster you get there, and in no time you’ll be tanning on your dock. Ready?




1) 70 Quart Xtreme Cooler – Coleman
2) Original Wayfarer Classic – Ray-Ban
3) Wilson TDJ Composite Junior Football – Sportchek
4) OFF! Active Insect Repellent – OFF!
5) The Star Surf Trunk – Bather Trunk Company
6) Beats Pill XL – Beats by Dre 
7) Hudson’s Bay Company Multi Stripe Point Blanket – Hudson’s Bay
8) iPhone 6 – Apple
9) Bicycle Playing Cards – Bicycle 
10) EPOD RX – Blow Vapor 
11) Ticoon E-Cigar – Blow Vapor
12) Coppertone Tanning Lotion SPF 8 – Coppertone