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As we know, vaping is the biggest trend since skinny jeans. With so many people getting on board every day, nobody wants to be the person who gets a clearomizer when they needed an atomizer (what a loser, right?). Here’s some handy terminology so you don’t get left in the dark.

  • PV – A personal vaporizer, also called a mod.
  • Tank – Holds the e-liquid.
  • Vaper – Dedicated enthusiasts of electronic cigarettes.
  • Wick – The piece that delivers e-liquid directly to the heating element to be vaporized.
  • Battery – Runs the device. Generally rechargeable.
  • Dripping – Applying e-liquid directly to an atomizer one drop at a time, as opposed to using a cartomizer or tank/cartridge and atomizer combination.
  • Atomizer – Heats up the liquid and vaporizes it. Has a fairly small capacity and is best for people who prefer dripping.
  • Cartomizer (filter) – Has polyfill wrapped around a heating coil rather than metal mesh like atomizer. Has a longer vape time and holds more e-liquid than an atomizer.
  • Clearomizer – Has a clear tank so you can see the level of e-juice inside. E-juice is delivered to the heating coil by a wick.
  • E-liquid/Juice – Flavour.
  • RBA/RDA – Rebuildable atomizer/rebuildable dripping atomizer. For those interested in building their own PV.
  • Dry Hit – The burning sensation or flavor from using an e-cigarette where the heating doesn’t have enough liquid to produce optimal vapor.
  • Dry Burn – Running a cartomizer once all e-liquid is removed, a technique used to burn built-up deposits on the heating coil.

  • Steeping – Allowing freshly made e-liquid to sit and age for anywhere from overnight to several weeks. Steeping often improves the e-liquid’s flavor by allowing the ingredients to fully combine and reach their full potential.

  • Throat Hit – The mild irritation sensation one gets when inhaling vapor from an e-cigarette.