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No one plays the vape game quite like The Crystal Cult.

Back in 2013, Olivia Alexander, the founder and CEO of the company, picked up her first e-cig in a vape shop in Los Angeles, blinged it out, and hasn’t looked back since. If you haven’t heard of The Crystal Cult before, they’re your go-to people for all things bling. They cover their vapes and accessories in luxury Swarovski crystals so that your vape looks just as good as you do. Olivia is a pseudo-celebrity in the vape industry so we couldn’t wait to chat with her and find out more about why she started the Cult and what it’s all about.

Olivia has always designed clothing and accessories for herself and was even featured in Glamour Magazine for her funky, blinged-out nail art. People loved the crystals, and she wanted to give them more of what they wanted, so she started her website. Running her own business means she gets to be her own boss and work with both her mom and her best friend every day. Does it get any better than that?

The Cult is all about customization. Since every product is handmade, they make it super easy to make customization requests. Your vape is a representation of who you are and it’s important to them to make it 100% your style. That’s part of what the Cult is all about.

She admits that the company really exploded because of Instagram. Part of having a blinged out vape is having it in your hand to show off, and what better place to do that than Instagram? People liked what they saw on the Cult’s page and it allowed them to connect and interact with their customers.


To her, the biggest misconception about vaping is that it’s unhealthy. Olivia’s interest in vaping goes beyond blinged out hardware and she’s definitely up-to-date on the health-related aspect of the industry. She believes that right now it’s hard to make any definitive statements about it because it’s all just too new.

Something else she has to deal with is the stigma around vaping and cannabis culture in our society, but it’s exciting for her to see the movement toward legalization (particularly in California) become bigger. She is, after all, the Kush Queen.

The Crystal Cult is ultimately about selling luxury items that are still affordable in the hopes of inspiring women to get into vaping. Olivia said her goal is to one day have a store on Rodeo Drive, so women can pick up a new vape pen amidst their shopping spree. We can’t wait.

Right now we’ve got an awesome collaboration in the works with The Crystal Cult that we’re really excited about, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, go check them out and treat yourself to a brand new blinged-out vape. You deserve it.

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