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We love the vaping community, especially on YouTube. It’s the perfect platform for dedicated vapers to show off their favorite products, tricks, and just connect with the community in general. One of the most popular YouTube vapers we’ve come across is Nick Green, better known as GrimmGreen.

Nick originates from SoCal and was one of the early adopters who used YouTube to share insight on vaping. On his website he says he’s been shooting videos since 2009 and really started just because he was excited about his new e-cig, which was what he hoped would kick his craving to smoke.

If you’ve browsed through his YouTube channel before, you’ll see that he makes videos on literally every e-cigarette product that comes his way – from liquids, to mods, to tanks, and more. Having been consistently posting videos for the past 6 years, GrimmGreen now has close to 150,000 subscribers – pretty amazing!

If you want tips on anything that has to do with vape, this is your guy.

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