TBEC Review
If you’re a dedicated vaper, you probably already know about the new subculture that has sprouted in the industry. People all over the world are getting together to build and rebuild their own e-cigarettes using products sold from vape companies or even things you can find around the house. Most of them turn out really, really cool.

This kind of customized e-cigarette is called a Personal Vaporizer (PV), or more loosely a “mod”. The main purpose in customizing your mod is to get stronger flavors and bigger clouds out of your vape – and when we say bigger clouds, we mean BIG. The way this happens is by using a rebuildable atomizer (the atomizer is the part that heats your vape) in your cartomizer (ie. your tank). At the base of the atomizer is the coil, which many vapers choose to rewire themselves as part of the customization process. The more heat that is sent to the coil in your atomizer, the bigger the vape cloud.

This subculture has garnered a ton of attention from vapers, tech lovers, and even people that are into science. It’s sweet to see such a wide variety of people getting so into the industry. One cool thing about customizing e-cigs is people choose to do it together. Lots of vape shops host meetups and people tend to just go into shops anyway to get tips from other vape engineers. Events like VapeFest, Speed Vaping, and VapeCan are popular for bringing vape aficionados together for some customization fun as well.

If you’re not interested in getting all technical about customizing your vape experience, you don’t have to. There are lots of other ways to make your vape unique. Mixing and matching flavors is a big one that we love, but you can also play around with nicotine levels, the aesthetics of your e-cig (ie. new accessories or colours), and more.

If you feel like switching up your vape game and customizing your mod, you should definitely watch this. Let us know how it goes!

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