Anyone who’s a dedicated vaper has probably ventured to YouTube a few times to watch product reviews or learn the latest, coolest vape tricks to try out. It’s a sweet place to interact with other vapers and just find out more about the industry in general.

We caught up with one of our favorite YouTube vapers, MrAndrewFitzy, this week to chat all about why he loves vaping and why he turned to the social network to hang out with other vapers.

1) How/why did you get into vaping?
I started vaping when I was hooked on shisha, from going to hookah lounges 2 to 3 times a week. A couple friends would always get the disposable e-cigs when they went to the states and I loved the flavor so I decided to take the next step and start vaping.

2) What’s your favorite e-liquid flavor to vape?
Right now my favorite e-liquid flavor is Grape.

3) Why did you decide to start your YouTube channel?
I started my YouTube channel just to get over my shyness and fear of public speaking, but it has transformed into a space to share my love for vaping and my life.

4) Why do you think people like to watch your videos?
I would like to think they are average people like myself, so we can easily relate. I think I am more of the “speaker” for the younger generation. I know there are a bunch of older people who do similar videos, but no one in my age group does.

5) What’s your favorite kind of video to make? Tricks? Informative? Reviews?
I just like to create. I love doing some crazy trick videos and reviews but I also love doing my vlogs. Creating content is my favorite thing to do so I love them all equal I guess.

6) How do you go about learning new tricks?
Most of the tricks that I do now I learned through some friends and practice. I try to add onto the existing tricks I know and think of ways to make them better.

7) What’s the hardest trick you’ve mastered?
I would say blowing a ring through another ring. For the longest time I couldn’t even blow any rings, but practice makes perfect.

8) What’s your favourite thing about vaping?
My favorite thing about vaping is the personalization. You can take 10 people and they will all have different setups and different e-juices, and everyone is so open and sharing about one thing they have in common.

9) What do you think is the biggest misconception about vaping?
One of the biggest ones for me is people thinking it’s smoking, or even doing some sort of drug, but there’s a big difference.

10) What do you think the future of vaping looks like? Will it become mainstream?
I think the future of vaping is very bright. I personally think it will become a lot more mainstream after seeing more celebrities and public figures endorsing it.