We’re hoping that all of you have fully recovered from the crazy, wicked, New Years Eve partying we know you did to ring in 2015. That being said, everyone knows that after the partying is over, the New Years resolutions come next. This is going to be the year that you all keep your resolutions, we know it! If you haven’t put much thought into what you want to do yet or are just in the first few days of putting your resolution to the test, no worries. There’s still time to pick something and stick to it.

First of all, once you think of your resolution, tell all of your friends. You’ll be way more likely to hold to it if other people know about it. Genius, right? A second tip would be to set a realistic goal. This one is kind of obvious but will help you out in the long run.

So, what should your New Years resolution be? Think about something that you want to change in your life – whether that is doing something differently, giving up something, or taking up something. It’s pretty likely that there is SOMETHING out there you’d like to change. We can’t all be perfect. ;)

We’re totally not surprised that tons of people chose to take up vaping this year. It’s an awesome way to kick yourself into a healthier lifestyle that has more benefits than you can imagine (aka. you can vape indoors, there’s no lingering smell, tastes great, etc.). If getting into vaping is one of your resolutions, we highly suggest starting off with a Starter Kit. The kit comes in a compact case with 3 cartomizers inside. Each cartomizer has about 200 puffs in it and each has a different flavor: blueberry, apple, and menthol. The battery that comes with the kit is rechargeable so once you run out of your cartomizers you can always grab some more.

Once you get into vaping, you won’t look back, making it a resolution you will definitely keep this year. Now get to it!

Photo via frankieleon on Flickr