We recently saw an article outlining some great stats surrounding the great vaping vs. smoking debate. The main point in the article is that many, many ex-smokers credit e-cigs for helping them quit. Woot woot! It was really too good not to share with you guys.

That being said, there were some interesting stats in it surrounding vapers and smokers that we think you should know about. Forum Research conducted a survey and sent it out to Canadian adults to find out their thoughts on the matter, which is where the numbers are coming from.

First off, only 9% of those who answered were vapers who had never smoked before. Yep, that’s right! So everyone who is convinced that vaping is a gateway to smoking tobacco is strongly incorrect. Another interesting fact is that 53% of vapers in Canada use nicotine e-liquid in their e-cigs, even though it’s not approved for sale here. Only 4% of vapers who have never smoked before use nicotine e-liquid, which is even more proof that vaping doesn’t lead to smoking cigarettes.

These are a few other stats that stuck out to us:

  • 48% of vapers using e-cigarettes to quit smoking have successfully quit, while the other 52% said they have significantly reduced smoking cigarettes because of vaping

  • 14% of people choose to vape because you can vape in places where smoking isn’t allowed

  • 16% of people choose to vape because of the delicious flavors

  • 28% of people have cut their cigarette consumption in half by using non-nicotine e-liquids

You can read the full article right here. Happy vaping guys!

Photo via Nicoletta Ciunci on Flickr