Smoking is sexy. We all know that. But you know what’s not sexy? Freezing your ass off in the dead of winter, smelling like an ashtray, a hoarse voice, and a smoker’s lung – yes, you sound like you’re 90 years old on the verge of the grave with that cough.

Smoke your way to sexy with Blow Vapor, the nicotine-free e-cigarette. If you haven’t tried one of these amazing sticks of flavour, you’re missing out. They are battery powered devices that, when sucked right, give you what you’ve been craving – flavoured vapor in apple, pineapple, or blueberry. There are 3 main parts to each Blow Vapor e-cigarette: the battery, the atomizer, and a cartridge. The atomizer is the best part – it’s the device that converts the e-liquid into vapor.

What’s the point you ask? Well, not only are they delicious, you don’t have to sacrifice your health and hotness to smoke them. That’s right, “addiction without the consequences,” as Frank Underwood would say.