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  • Medical Specialists Around The World Appeal To WHO To Make Tobacco Harm Reduction A Higher Priority Through Noncombustible Nicotine Delivery (Including E-Cig/Vapor Products)–Last week, over 50 leading scientists from 15 countries signed a letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) to ask the WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan to reconsider the WHO’s intention to classify e-cigarettes essentially the same as regular cigarettes. The scientists warned that that WHO risks missing an opportunity to drastically reduce smoking and the illness and death associated with it if e-cigarettes and other vapor products are classified as tobacco products. The scientists included 10 “principles” that should “underpin the public health approach to tobacco harm reduction” including: (1) Tobacco harm reduction is part of the solution, not part of the problem and (2) Targets and indicators for reduction of tobacco consumption should be aligned with the ultimate goal of reducing disease and premature death, not nicotine use per se, and therefore focus primarily on reducing smoking. We are very encouraged that there appears to be a broad belief among health professionals and scientists around the world in the benefits of e-cigs/vapor and the vast public health opportunity such products present. We believe this is a positive and important development for the industry and it helps validate/ justify the meaningful capital that is being spent to develop and market e-cig/vapor products globally.
  • Letter Was Issued Ahead Of The WHO-Sponsored Framework Convention On Tobacco Control (FCTC) Meeting In Moscow In October 2014–According to the media release accompanying the letter, the scientists had been reacting to a leaked document from a FCTC preparatory meeting indicating that the WHO considers e-cigarettes a “threat” to public health and intends to sideline their use as an accessible alternative to regular tobacco and cigarettes. Professor Gerry Stimson, Emeritus Professor at the Imperial College in London, a signatory to the letter and organizer of the upcoming inaugural Global Forum on Nicotine noted: “If the WHO gets its way and extinguishes e-cigarettes, it will not only have passed up what is clearly one of the biggest public health innovations of the last three decades that could potentially save millions of lives, but it will have abrogated its own responsibility under its own charter to empower consumers to take control of their own health, something which they are already doing themselves in their millions.”

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