Vaporizing pioneer calls on OHIP, Health Canada to promote safer consumption


Toronto -- In the U.K., a major breakthrough has occurred in the battle to replace cigarette smoking with far safer vaporizing.

 According to the London Telegraph, Britain’s medicines regulator has granted a license for E-cigarettes to be “marketed as a smoking cessation aid.” This opens the door for the country’s National Health Service (NHS), roughly similar to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) to prescribe these devices to patients. (

 “We call on Health Canada, OHIP and the various other regulating bodies to follow the U.K.’s lead and seriously consider urging this switch,” states Fernando Di Carlo, President of Blow Vapor, one of the country’s vaporizing pioneers.

 This U.K. move is welcome news to many who are trying to quit smoking, or who favour safer vaporizing rather than lighting up and generating carcinogenic by products. “Vaporizing is the most viable option to help people quit smoking,” Di Carlo said.

 “We strongly believe a smoker’s health can be improved considerably by abandoning dangerous conventional cancer-provoking cigarettes and taking up vaping,” added Di Carlo. “Given the difficulty of quitting outright, there is an alternative that fits smoker lifestyles while playing a positive role in their daily lives.”

 England is clearly taking a leadership role in encouraging this switch, Di Carlo said. Public Health England urged smokers to “switch to vaping, saying e-cigarettes were far safer than traditional tobacco.”

 In addition, with the likely legalization of recreational marijuana, the growth in use of medical marijuana and former Toronto police chief Bill Blair’s appointment to head the Trudeau government’s legalization effort, the consideration of how pot will be consumed is “long overdue,” Di Carlo also commented. “It’s important that guidelines for safe consumption be developed as part of this process,” Di Carlo said. “Let’s start out on the right, safe path when this momentous change arrives in Canada.” 

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Blow Vapor, a leading manufacturer of an extensive line of liquid and dry herb vaporizing products, also carries a complete line of accessories, e-liquids and disposable e-cigarettes and even an e-cigar. It has long been an advocate of smoking cessation with vaporizers and the safe consumption of medical marijuana and other dry herb products.

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