January 26, 2016



Stakeholders must communicate to public advantages of vaping over smoking

TORONTO -- With recreational marijuana soon to be legalized in Canada, one company believes that education in safe consumption should be part of the Trudeau government’s overall plan to set up its distribution, pricing, security and taxing system ( 

Blow Vapor, a pioneer in manufacturing vaporizing products, calls on all the various stakeholders in the coming new marijuana regulations to join forces and communicate to the public that buying the product is just one part of the story.

 “The Liberal government has made a formal commitment to legalize marijuana, and individuals should be aware that there are safer ways to consume it, beyond traditional smoking,” said Blow Vapor president Fernando Di Carlo.

“Smoke contains cancer-causing chemicals, whether it is in tobacco or cannabis,” Di Carlo added. “While cannabis appears to be less carcinogenic, greater access to the product might mean more significant ingestion of smoke.”

 Di Carlo cited the many* peer-reviewed studies that cannabis users “report breathing easier after switching” to ‘vaping,’ which eliminates the smoke portion of the experience.

In addition, when it comes to the delivery of nicotine, vaporizing is seen as the key to smoking cessation as it is less harmful and eliminates some of the harmful components caused by smoking. “Vaporizing benefits anyone who engages in inhaling either nicotine or THC, and CBD, the principal components in marijuana.”

 “When one reviews the advantages and disadvantages of vaping vs. various traditional methods, the vaporizer wins every time,” Di Carlo added. “It is an important message to get out to the public.”

 Di Carlo is so certain of this message that he recently decided to minimize one of the challenges associated with vaporizing: the upfront cost. To support those who want a safer, more effective option, Blow Vapor is offering units at wholesale cost for a limited time. “This way,” Di Carlo said, “users will experience the vaporizing’s benefits – speed of delivery and preservation of the product’s true chemical makeup.”

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