Blow Vapor introduces Pro Series 2, for the more experienced vaper

Toronto -- Blow Vapor has introduced Pro Series 2 (PS 2), designed for the more experienced “vaper.” It offers a more powerful battery and larger clearomizer tank capacity, truly illustrating the power of the ‘new smoke,’ which is helping many people reduce their nicotine consumption as a path to quitting smoking – or enjoying a safer smoking experience.

The Blow Vapor PS 2 provides a variable voltage capability function, with each use providing almost unlimited customized vapor levels and controlled 'throat hit' sensations. When fully charged, the PS 2 holds the equivalent of 500 puffs, among the largest in the fast-growing vaping industry.

“Vaping’s advantages are becoming more and more apparent to consumers each day,” said Fernando Di Carlo, president of Blow Vapor, one of the new industry’s leading companies. “Whether for use in smoking cessation or for a more safe and enjoyable cigarette-type experience, vaping has now come into its own with advanced products like the Blow Vapor Pro Series 2. We have created these products to make a difference in people’s lives.”

The PS 2 is provided with Blow Vapor Amorous Apple e-liquid. There are also 20 e-liquids to choose from, including popular flavours like Banana Bomb, Bubbly Champagne, Blueberry Blast and even Premium Tobacco. 

As is the Blow Vapor practice in each of its products, in addition to a sample e-liquid, the PS 1 comes equipped with a full range of supporting products:

1 1600 mAh Battery

1 Tank

1 USB charger

1 Wall Charger


About Blow Vapor

As the most viable option to help people quit smoking, e-cigarettes make a difference in people’s lives. We are unified in the belief that a smoker’s health can be improved considerably by what we do. Smokers come in all sizes, ages, shapes, colors and cross every possible demographic.  Blow Vapor presents an alternative that fits smoker’s lifestyle while playing a positive role in daily lives, one vape at a time. We think about the lives of those who care about making positive changes, and have committed ourselves to be a part of their success story. Beyond good health, our commitment extends into all our products  -- how and why we develop them, and how they look, feel, taste, cost and work. Combining technology, style, fashion and design with the best quality, our consumers have inspired a desirable lifestyle brand.