Does vaping help with quitting smoking?

Despite the amazing progress and feedback that vaping received in Europe, particularly UK, in Canada it still is a grey zone and raises a lot of questions. This  stems from the fact that Health Canada is still in the exploratory stage  and, as a result,  hasn’t being able to provide consumers and retailers alike with any direction.

If you are trying to kick the habit and hadn’t had any success  - you might be surprised to know that according to research conducted by scientists at University College  - London's epidemiology and public health department, smokers trying to quit are 60% more likely to report success if they switch to e-cigarettes than if they quit “cold turkey” or use nicotine products like patches or gum. In their study researchers followed  almost 6,000 smokers over five years (2009  - 2014)  who attempted to quit without using prescription medicines or professional help.  

These findings are significant considering that, according to the World Health Organization,  smoking tobacco kills half of all those who do it, and has a death toll of 6 million people a year. As well as causing lung cancer and other chronic respiratory diseases, tobacco smoking is also a major contributor to cardiovascular diseases, the world's number one killer.

While we are not suggesting that electronic cigarettes are a multivitamin it is important to understand that e-cigs containing nicotine deliver it in water vapour, instead of creating  smoke from burning the tobacco and chemicals existent in cigarettes. And, because switching to electronic cigarettes from traditional ones does not entail kicking the addiction to nicotine, some specialists say they could truly crack down on smoking- which the World Health Organization (WHO) calls "one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced".