We believe that e-cigarettes are the most viable option when it comes helping people quit smoking or we wouldn't be in this business in the first place. Our narrative has just started and our commitment is unwavering.  So long as there is an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, we will be there standing by those who believe in us.

As a team, we are unified in the belief that a smoker’s health can be improved considerably by what we do and what we sell. We know smokers come in all sizes, ages, shapes, colors and cross every possible demographic.  We are committed to presenting an alternative that fits smoker’s lifestyle while playing a positive role in their daily lives, one vape at a time.

 The team that comes to work each day at Blow Vapor is passionate, loyal and committed to making a difference in people’s lives. Like our consumers, we too are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and role models to our loved ones, to our communities and to ourselves. Because we think about the lives of those who care about making positive changes, we have committed ourselves to be a part of their success story.

 Our commitment to our consumer extends well beyond good health. It extends into every single product we develop, how we develop it, why we develop it and how it looks, feels, tastes, costs and works. We combine technology, style, fashion and design into everything we do with the notion of bringing the very best quality to a lifestyle brand that is inspired by our consumers. We are the future of the electronic cigarette business and we know it because we live it.


We are Blow Vapor…           Where Vapor is the New Smoke.


Blow Vapor Inc.

201 Creditview Road 

Woodbridge, Ontario L4L9T1

Tel: 1-844-264-3636



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